Mission & Values

Education is increasingly global, and universities and prospective students have various ways of connecting with each other both online and off: advertising, information sessions, fairs, networks, personal references, etc. The greatest challenge for education recruiters today is to make their message heard as they guide candidates in their search for the right educational or professional development programme.

Advent Group serves as a bridge between global business schools and prospective applicants by advising candidates to programmes that best match their profile and placing them in direct contact with Admissions representatives.

We provide candidates with a personalised path for professional development: identification of the right educational programme for them, assistance with their application process, and career guidance.

The core values that encompass our work are:

Challenge the status quo

  • Yesterday’s achievements do not guarantee tomorrow’s results. Always wonder why and question success. Never settle.

We work with care

  • Our mission is to make education personal. The human touch, the passion makes a difference to create the best service.

Value People

  • Everyone matters and contributes. We show respect to build trust and relationships.

We grow as we learn

  • Ever curious, we always listen to feedbacks. Every event is a unique experience shaping our future.

We only succeed if we try

  • We put our ideas into action. Let’s dare to achieve.

Innovation starts with ‘I’

  • Everyone can create at any level, at any moment. Be the lead to follow.