Online Events

Advent Group have been organising online events since 2016 and built our own digital platform in 2018. Innovating in the field, we have experienced the potential and limitations of technology today. Our highly personlaised online events benefit from the value of human touch and guidance of experienced, dedicated multi-functional teams.

Access Online brings online One-to-One MBA and Masters candidates, business schools and universities. Candidates registered for the Access MBA and Access Masters Tours (approximately 60,000 per year) have free access to connect with schools by visiting their online booths, videos and publications, and booking One-to-One online meetings at their convenience.

Global and regional online One-to-One events mirror the concept of physical One-to-One events in that candidates are carefully and individually matched to schools programme criteria. The online meetings feature extra flexibility and convenience in regards to meeting scheduling and the absence of transportation costs.

For the safety of all participants, during the Covid-19 pandemic, all Access MBA, EMBA and Masters events are hosted on the Access Online platform keeping our highly personalised approach and strong support from the Access team.

School presentations, admission preparation webinars and specialised events on hot and engaging topics for world-wide or geo-targeted audiences are another part of our online service. These events take place throughout the year and raise awareness for international business schools and universities to connect them with prospective students around the world.

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