With over 15 years of experience in business education recruitment, our consultants are a trusted source of knowledge and experience in the domain. School questionnaires collected during the 2015-2016 Access MBA Tour prove that 97% of clients state that they appreciate the company’s expertise in candidate recruitment campaigns. We can be of service not only in recruiting, but also when considering media campaigns in various international markets, organising online and offline information events and marketing campaigns, and strategic planning.

Over 325 global business schools have made Advent Group one of their main partners in promoting their programmes to target groups all over the world. The company uses over 2,500 different media channels globally to promote its events, and we quickly determine the effectiveness of each of them. Thanks to our strong relationships with local media in many countries, we benefit from various preferred rate, and have high awareness in candidate segmentation and profiling. Our experts can easily advise schools on international media planning, recruitment strategies and direct marketing. They also guide admissions and marketing staff towards the best markets for recruiting new students and the best strategy to approach each region.