MERIT is an initiative for corporate and L&D leadership launched in 2016 with the mission to create a community that brings together people and knowledge. By leveraging individual experiences, business intelligence, and academic and non-academic research, MERIT aims to empower leaders and their organisations to reach strategic goals and make the most of in-house potential through learning, exchange, and benchmarking.

In 2019, building on the success of our four global and regional summits, we launched the MERIT Leadership Community (MLC). The MLC is our response to the desire of MERIT event participants to keep the spirit of the summits alive and take the learning and collaborative experience to a global scale throughout the year. Membership is now open for the first 200 interested Learning and Development leaders, and HR and C-level executives of large multinational companies in Europe and Asia.

MERIT builds on Advent Group’s proprietary flagship expertise – personalised events for connecting professionals, higher education institutions, and companies from all over the world, based on their best match of expertise and potential for collaboration in learning, development, and leadership growth.