Covid-19 Announcement

During this unprecedented situation, we’d like to share some updates about how Advent Group is dealing with Covid-19 and its effect on your institution.

Due to this international disruption, we’ll be holding our Access MBA and Access Masters events in North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East entirely online. The wellbeing of our teams, partner schools, and candidates is our number one priority, and holding the events in person would put them at risk. And even though small scale events are not yet forbidden in all of our tour destinations, the attendance of our in-person events may be affected more than online meetings.

The opportunity to meet and interact with international candidates is at the heart of our value proposition. This is why we built our own Access Online One-to-One meeting platform to include key features such as calendar scheduling, zoom meetings, chats, recordings, and feedback. Our team of 25 candidate relations experts has regularly experimented this unique One-to-One meeting tool since we started developing it in 2016, as have our partner schools.

We’re confident that we can hold our online events as successfully as they could be in person, and we’ll continue to provide you with high quality leads to recruit international candidates.

Here is our upcoming event schedule:


  • New York: we’ll hold a second event on March 28 for online meetings to schools who could not attend the March 14 event due to the travel restrictions.
  • Los Angeles: March 21
  • San Francisco: March 22


  • March 30 and April 2


Because of the multitude of events and time zone differences*, we are combining some destinations to make the meetings more manageable for you:

  • Bangkok & Ho Chi Minh
    • MBA: March 31
    • Masters: April 1
  • Manilla
    • MBA: April 4
    • Masters: April 3
  • Jakarta
    • MBA: April 7
    • Masters: April 6
  • Singapore & Kuala Lumpur
    • MBA: April 9

*In addition, we’re adding more Asia online event dates for North American schools which need a dedicated timing due to the time zone difference between Asia and North America. The Masters event will be on April 18 and the MBA event on April 25.


  • MBA: May 5, May 11, May 19
  • Masters: April 28, May 7, May 13

The Access MBA and Premier EMBA events planned in Europe in May will be rescheduled for June and we will communicate the new dates no later than next week.

In order for our business school partners to recruit enough candidates in the coming months, we’ll hold our Regional One-to-One Online events as previously announced:

The Americas April 25, May 9, May 30 May 16, June 6, June 13
EMEA April 28, May 7, May 13 May 5, May 11, May 19
Europe May 26, June 4, June 9 May 28, June 2, June 11
Asia Dec 5, Dec 16, January 12 Dec 12, Dec 22, January 12

I’m proud of how our teams are working to quickly and easily provide alternatives to in-person student recruitment, and of the performance of our media portfolio that includes school webinars, school-specific digital campaigns, and AI-focused lead generation. We’re able and ready to help you surmount any deferrals or drops in enrolment.

We hope these difficult times will be over in the fall and these exceptional circumstances will be an occasion to learn how Advent Group can support you continuously anytime, anywhere.

Stay safe,

Christophe Coutat
Founder and Managing Director