Event Experience

Access One-to-One Online Events


“I had some informed candidates and the number of candidates was pretty good during this Access Online event. I think this was the best international online fair that I have attended. Thank you for your great help.”

–TUM School of Management, March 2021

“I can say that the Access MBA event went well. The candidates were good quality and well matched. The platform was easy to use and the assistance from you was excellent.”

— Warwick Business School, February 2021

“Access Masters went quite smoothly. Definitely happy with the quality of students that I saw and you were of great help with contacting them and the Zoom option.”

— Vlerick Business School, February 2021

“Great Access MBA event and I love the new platform. Quality of the candidates was extremely strong. Thank you for today’s event – it was very well organised and the candidates were strong.”

— Western University: Ivey Business School, February 2021

“I had plenty of good conversations with interested students during Access Masters.”

— Bocconi University, February 2021

“I really enjoyed the Access MBA event and working with you too. Your support was on-point and really quick at all times. Also good candidates – I am happy with the conversations I had. Technology also worked well for me, absolutely no issues. Would be happy to join the event again.”

— TUM School of Management, February 2021

“The event was very good in my opinion. The candidates were prepared and interested and overall, I had positive interviews with them. The assistance from Access MBA was very helpful and responsive with all my questions.”

— Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, February 2021

“Great, thanks for everything. The Access MBA event went pretty well. A little technical difficulties but overall well organised and user-friendly. The support staff also did a great job.”

— George Washington University, February 2021

“Today’s event ran surprisingly smoothly. The candidates were very strong and this was certainly well worth our time.”
— Cornell University, 2020

“I like how everything was done today. I’m looking forward to future events with your company!”
— Hult International Business School, 2020

“Overall, the platform was good. The event was well organised and very well supported by the team to make sure everything was on track. It was easy to log in and out of each private meeting with individual candidates.”
— IE Business School, 2020

“I have been pleasantly surprised by this event. I was skeptical about how the system would work, but I have had excellent support from the team for all online meetings with each prospective applicant in a very convenient way.”
— INSEAD, 2020

“From my end, the technology worked just fine and the platform was easy to navigate. You were very helpful and communicative throughout the online event, so I am very happy with the support I received.”
— Suffolk University: Sawyer Business School, 2020