Candidates Quality

Client Assessment on Quality of Met Candidates

“Candidate quality was great, I was very happy with all the people I spoke to. The level of support from you was fantastic.”
— Asia School of Business

“I had great conversations with each candidate I met during the online one-to-one event. Each of them knew something about Tuck, had an idea why they wanted an MBA, and had very good questions.”
— Dartmouth College: Tuck School of Business

“The candidates have all been good so far, they are the kind we are looking for in our school. You have been super helpful.”
— IE Business School

“At this online one-to-one event I could talk to strong candidates. I’m happy also because the candidates I met were with different and interesting backgrounds.”
— ESADE Business School

“The candidates I saw were all very good. Although they did not always know much about IMD in advance, they were curious and open minded which is great.”