One-to-One Meetings

The One-to-One meeting format was created in 2004 by Advent Group. The innovative event concept quickly gained popularity and has now set a new standard for education recruitment events in the industry. A personal approach and attention to each business school and prospective student has become an essential feature of every service offered by Advent Group.

The personalized events have been delivered online since 2016. In 2018, Advent Group developed its proprietary platform – fully customizable to accommodate all event features.

Access MBA and Access Masters One-to-One events revolve around 20-minute meetings between admissions representatives from top business schools and pre-selected candidates. Event attendees are selected and invited to each event on the basis of their professional background, eligibility for admission, and personal preferences.

A team of over 15 education experts, familiar with each of the participating MBA or Masters programmes, screens the profiles of registered candidates and matches them to the most suitable school for them. Personal consultations, both over the phone and on-site at the events, ensure that candidates meet only representatives of the business schools that correspond to their individual needs and expectations.