MBA & Masters Information

  • Print Editions

The Access MBA & EMBA Guide and Access Masters Guide, published annually and distributed globally, is a 250+ page glossy magazine designed to accompany candidates in their search for and admission to the right business education programme. The publications contain school listings, informative articles focused on business education news, trends, career prospects and interviews with programme directors and alumni. The online versions of the Guide have a reach of 150,000 MBA, EMBA and Master’s candidates.

  • Websites and are comprehensive web resources for MBA and Masters candidates. With a growing audience of targeted visitors, they provide useful information about business schools and their programmes, admissions information, rankings, scholarships, news, and articles on the advantages and importance of making the right education – and thus career – choice. Online business education events are also showcased on both websites. and are pioneering school selection platforms combining human expertise and AI-powered technology. They enable both schools and candidates to find their best match. A revolutionary feature of Unimy is the Culture Mapping that helps connect schools and prospective applicants based on the fit between the schools’ organisational culture and the applicants’ values. is an advising portal for applicants to international MBA and Masters’s programmes. The website features a comprehensive blog and webinars guiding prospective applicants on how to prepare for admission, including GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS test preparation. UnimyPrep strives to be the meeting point for all players in the field of business education: applicants, admissions officers, advisers, test preparation instructors, current students, and alumni.